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Settlebeck School judged to be ‘Good with Outstanding features’ in South Lakes Federation peer review.

As part of the check on quality and standards in local secondary schools, officers and headteachers of the South Lakes Federation schools regularly visit and inspect the Federation schools.

Thursday 17th September, it was Settlebeck’s turn. Two headteachers and the Director of Quality and Development from the South Lakes Federation had a tour of the school, went into lessons, had a look at the various classes’ work and books and asked a range of questions. They then met with Settlebeck’s headteacher, Judith Greene, to discuss the school’s exam results, and the progress students in each year group and each subject are making.

Ofsted inspectors grade schools in four areas of the school’s work, and then give an overall grade. These same grades are used in the South Lakes Federation peer reviews.


There are four grades ;        4 = inadequate, 3 = requires improvement, 2 = good, and 1 = outstanding.


Settlebeck was judged as follows:


Student Achievement = 1/2

Teaching = 2

Student Behaviour and Safety = 1

Leadership and Management = 1/2

Overall Effectiveness  = 1/2


So Settlebeck is considered to be a' Good school with Outstanding aspects' under the latest Ofsted framework. We will continue to work to improve, until all aspects are outstanding.


Judith Greene, Headteacher


Once again, students at Settlebeck have exceeded the highest targets the government set for the school, putting us in the top 25% of all similar schools.

There were some outstanding individual results, with Gael Lindsey gaining 8 A*s, 4 As and 2 Bs, Adam Haigh gaining 3A*s, 10As and a C, and George Hinson gaining 3A*s and 9 As.

A special mention should go to Louis Greenland, whose results were all between 5 and 7 levels of progress, when the expected progress is 3 levels – another outstanding achievement.

English results in particular were especially good, with 89% expected progress or better and A*-C grades way over the national and school averages, and good number of other subjects achieved 100% grades A*-C. Congratulations and well done to all our students, and a big thank you to their excellent teachers.

Year 11, number of A*-G GCSE grades, including Additional Maths (BTEC Outdoor Education results still to come):

C.Banner  9, A.Brewer  9, S.Coates  3, M.Dean  7, W.Ellison  5, L.Greenland  7, A.Haigh  15, A.Hall  9, G.Hinson  12, R.Hunter  9, A.Inman  11, A.Jennings  6, C.Knight  3, G.Lindsey  14, E.Lomax  13, E.Macdonald  12, M.Macdonald  2, J.Martin  8, L.Mason  6, P.Milligan  3, S.O'Neill  11,  A.Ross  12, P.Shaw  8,  O.Simpson  7,  B.Smith  7,  J.Southern  9,  E.Speight  4,  J.Willis  10,  K.Woof  9,  J.Wren  6.



Settlebeck School is pleased to be engaged in a developing partnership with Howgill Harriers with many of our students active members of the club. If you are interested in joining a friendly running club please click on the link below to access their website.


  Howgill Harriers website (external site)